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A system designed for on-site use


The IZI SAFETY system offers a combination of tools and functions, designed to ensure the accurate, efficient management of every stage in the HSE training of your staff.


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A single tool to manage blended-learning

Irrespective of your staff training format (e-learning, attendance-type, feedback) the IZI SAFETY system enables you to centralise all your monitoring in one place. You no longer have to spend hours chasing after the results of each employee to update your training data manually: all the information is accessible in the same place.

A system 100% operational, with or without internet

In view of the limited facilities on certain sites, particularly in terms of telecommunications networks, we have developed a system that is capable of operating without any internet connections, thanks to our dedicated self-training workstations. If you no not have these issues, the solution is also designed to run in the cloud, with direct access from your own workstations.

Easily accessible monitoring, anywhere, at any time

All your staff training data is easily accessible, either directly on IZI SAFETY workstations using employees’ RFID badges, or on the IZI SAFETY cloud, accessed from any computer connected to the internet, and may be exported with just a few clicks.

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RFID technology makes everything easy

As the IZI SAFETY system is coupled with RFID technology, every employee has an individual badge (IZI SAFETY or company badge) containing all the information concerning their training programme: progress, results, validity dates, etc. These badges may be used by supervisors to check the skills of each worker in just a few seconds, as well as facilitating staff access to training, as they are automatically recognised by the system.

Integrated reporting, that may be configured and automated

You need to present the results of your last training campaign to your management? Alert a supervisor to the poor results of a subcontractor? IZI SAFETY provides you with easy-to-use reporting tools. In just a few clicks, you can obtain information tailored to your immediate needs, which you can then export to your workstation or circulate directly via email to the relevant people. Automatic mailing lists may be configured via the system in just a few minutes.

New features added regularly

Based on the comments made by our clients during each project, our teams work continuously to improve the system and add new features, making it more comprehensive and adapting it to on-site needs and constraints.

A robust, simple tool designed for on-site use

In both the initial design, launched 5 years ago, and the development of our latest functions, our strategy has always been to offer a robust tool, for easy, everyday use, by both management and learners. According to our designers, a clear interface and functions that meet the precise, practical needs of workers on site are the keys to success in using our system.

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High-quality training content available immediately

From our catalogue of e-learning modules, to integrating your own existing e-learning content in the IZI SAFETY system (Scorm), as well as new, customised e-learning courses we develop to meet your needs, we guarantee you high-quality training content, full of highly-animated computer graphics, requiring little or no investment on your part (see our proposal).

Easier management of the training process

IZI SAFETY offers all the necessary tools to manage your training process from A to Z, from the registration of new learners in the system, to devising customised training programmes for specific groups, as well as managing schedules and validity dates. You work more efficiently and stop wasting time on subsidiary tasks related to staff training.

Control skills directly on site

Thank to RFID technology and IZI SAFETY mobile readers (ATEX available), you can check the skills of any of your staff at any time, directly on site. Scan a worker’s badge and you immediately access details of his/her training programme, even without a telephone or internet connection (*after synchronisation).

A single tool for all your sites

Take advantage of IZI SAFETY’s powerful system to manage all your sites and affiliates in the same way. Mobility of your employees and contract staff has never been also easy to manage. Their training data goes with them, wherever they are.

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