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100% cloud or dedicated equipment ?


The IZI SAFETY system is not only accessible via the cloud and directly on your equipment, but we have also designed 100% autonomous workstations, dedicated to training activities, so the system can be used on projects where there is no infrastructure or the telecommunication network is inadequate for standard connections.


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  • Touch screen
  • Full hd
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Heavy-duty case
  • Plug and play
  • Integrated remote-maintenance system
  • Audio headphones

Training workstations

Our fully-equipped training workstations (badge reader, audio headset), in heavy-duty cases, may be set up on your site, so your staff can complete their training at their convenience.

A simple power connection is the only requirement for the system to be 100% operational.

Your staff can continue with their training, even if there is no internet connection. The monitoring data are then recorded locally on the workstation and synchronised with the IZI SAFETY database as soon as an internet network is available, or via a memory stick.

Mobile training unit

This solution offers you a ready -to-use, robust training system that is easy to install on site.

The container training facilities are fully-equipped, insulated, and heated/air-conditioned. 10 training workstations and 1 admin workstation are installed in each container.

This solution is ideal for projects that do not yet have the necessary infrastructure, or when large numbers of new staff need to be trained (maintenance campaigns, production shutdowns, etc.).

Mobile readers

This solution makes it possible to check the trainingstatus and details of any of your staff at any time, directly on site.

Once the reader has been synchronised with the IZI SAFETY database, it operates asynchronously and provides access to all the information, even without a telephone or internet connection.

ATEX cases are available on request.

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